A five-man team from Levy Real Estate is aiming to ‘summit’ 24 peaks in the Lake District and are asking sponsors to pledge the equivalent of a ‘pound-a-peak’.

On the weekend of September 9-11th in England’s Lake District, Henry Leighton, Gary Barlow, Jack Garrett, Aaron Moles and James Elliott are taking part in the LandAid 24 Peak Challenge which will see them attempt ascents of 24 peaks – each of more than 2,400ft – and also walk a total of 51km.

Gary Barlow comments: “We realise that requests for sponsorship are numerous these days so we thought asking for a pound-a-peak was a good idea – but of course people are free to give more if they feel moved to!”.

All trekkers are raising funds to help LandAid end youth homelessness across the UK. The Levy sponsorship page can be found here