We are pleased to have completed a 62,000 sq ft urban logistics acquisition located along the Grand Union canal in Park Royal, North West London, on behalf of entrepreneur Thomas Hoegh founder of The Art’s Alliance

The complex will be known as the Garden Studios and comprises 3 sound stages and a specialised Virtual Production stage, workshops, technical facilities, and fully equipped offices. At the centre of the facility is a world-class Virtual Production stage offering the most up to date and sustainable technology; driving innovation and creativity for productions of all sizes. The Virtual Production Stage is currently available for use. This comprehensive offering is designed to be talent, nature and community friendly.

The facility is committed to creating a sustainable environment, by offsetting its carbon footprint through reducing travel. It will be committed to working with a wide variety of local suppliers from prop designers, editors, sound designers, producers, electricians, carpenters to local catering companies, electric car service and other client services. Garden Studios will encourage recycling; make set design more sustainable through reuse and carefully sourced materials, and through the use of new technologies and the Virtual Production offering, Garden Studios will reduce the need for multi-location shoots; creating a greener option for all productions.

Founder and CEO of Arts Alliance, Thomas Hoegh said: “This will be an owner-operated business; spearheaded by people who have long and deep experience across many aspects of the film industry with success stories like Picturehouse Cinemas, Love Film, Arts Alliance Media, Met Filmschool and Park Circus under our belts. Like all Arts Alliance companies, we seek to demonstrate an innovative and passionate drive for inclusive community building, learning, and opportunities for all.”

Jeremy Grundy said: We are delighted to complete this deal on behalf of Garden Campus, Rock & Roll are well located high quality modern buildings next to the Grand Union canal and will be the perfect home for the newest commercial sound stages in London. 

Jeremy Grundy acted for The Arts Alliance and Alex Kington, of The Altus Group, disposing of the unit, acted for Aviva Investors.